Direct marketing services.


More than once I've been in a meeting as the "creative guy" and raised eyebrows when I started talking about statistical modeling, segmentation or test strategy. Clients just don't expect the person who walked them through the creative concepts to also lead a discussion on ROI analysis or back-end conversion rates.


Even when I'm sticking to the creative side of things, more than person has asked, "you mean you write the copy AND do the design?"


But that's me.


I combine about 15 years of senior management experience running DM teams — annual budgets, three-year plans, strategic leadership and all that stuff — with more than a decade working as a hands-on creative director.


So yeah, I can write compelling teaser copy AND show you some ideas on segmenting a test universe. From strategy and circulation planning to fulfillment to analysis, if it's part of direct marketing, I've probably done it.


These days,  I focus on direct marketing strategy, plus copywriting and graphic design for DM programs, including:


  • Customer acquisition programs
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Customer-base marketing
  • Direct sales
  • Fund-raising direct mail for non-profits
  • Museum membership direct marketing


Ten years ago my work was almost entirely direct mail with an occasional email campaign thrown into the mix. Now, of course, digital media accounts for a good portion of my work. Most projects involve:


  • Direct mail
  • Email marketing
  • Web sites
  • Landing pages
  • B2B sales collateral


If you think you need some of that stuff,  contact me and I'll let you know if I can help.




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